Why opening a second hand clothing store is the hottest business trend

Second hand clothing stores may not have seemed like a glamorous or profitable business idea in the past, but now people of all ages visit these stores on a daily basis to buy amazing clothes at a fraction of the cost. If you want to open up a store with low initial investment but great long term profits, then this is the opportunity you should take. No matter where you are in the world and to whom you want to sell, there is a huge demand for second hand merchandise. Nowadays, people are more open-minded towards used goods and don’t have that many prejudices and don’t mind purchasing something that used to belong to someone else. This extends to many types of products, not just clothes. First of all, they do this for the financial benefit: a designer second hand dress, for instance, costs a fraction of the new one and can look just as great. Secondly, second hand shops offer more diversity and uniqueness.


How and where to buy clothes for your second hand shop

Usually, the quickest way to refill your stock is to order wholesale clothes online. Just Google “haine second hand en gros” and pick the supplier that offers the highest quality merchandise. Now, keep in mind that your clients can settle for something used or perhaps with slight defects, but not something ruined and unusable. Second hand clothes still need to have a certain degree of quality, otherwise people might not be interested to step into your store. Wholesale providers usually state where their merchandise comes from and what quality it has, so you shouldn’t have any issues with this.


Clothes you should invest in

Assuming there are other second hand stores in your area, you probably want to know how to stand out and make a difference. A great idea is to buy designer clothes, items from old collections that can’t be found in stores anymore. In fact, designer items are the perfect investment, because there is a huge demand for them. Not everyone can afford to buy a new Chanel bag, for instance, but almost anyone will rush to buy it second hand because it’s much cheaper. The power of the brand is the same, no matter where you bought it. Another option would be to buy one of a kind clothing items for trendsetters. This includes vintage clothes and products from limited edition collections.


Other ways to make your store stand out

The fact that you sell second hand clothes doesn’t mean your store should look bad. On the contrary, it helps to create a comfy, welcoming atmosphere for your clients, display outfits on mannequins and decorate the shop with quirky items. Once you start making profit, you can expand your clothes collection with shoes, bags and accessories and even enhance the décor by buying a vintage sofa or a larger fitting room.