Why you should use cloud computing for a small business?


Cloud computing is probably the best thing that happened to the business industry in the past few years. It allows people to manage their data efficiently in any given moment, from any place. The prices of cloud computing went down as well because technologies advance at a fast pace. This makes it perfect for small businesses that need to handle their processes in the most effective manner in order to expand. It is an affordable solution, it helps businesses become software-centered instead of hardware-centered and it has a series of other benefits that have nothing but a positive effect on the profitability of any company. Read more about cloud computing and the reasons why you should opt for it as a small business owner:

You will save money

Initially, making a tech upgrade in your firm seems like an action which will only cause you to lose money. In fact, since cloud technology became mainstream and most companies use it in one way or another, the prices went down and it is now more accessible than ever. Besides a convenient initial investment, you will also save money in the long run. You can cut costs on salaries because you won’t have to pay a server manager or engineer to file information and run backups regularly. Cloud services are entirely administered by the cloud vendor that you selected. You no longer have to involve any effort into keeping the application running. Smidig utvikling plays an essential role in managing a small business in the most advantageous manner. 

You can use less system hardware

You won’t have to invest as much money in hardware either. File storage and data backup used to depend on system hardware, but not anymore. First of all, hardware takes up a lot of room, so it’s not convenient from this point of view. Secondly, it costs a lot. In-house computer equipment is difficult to maintain in good condition and is often faulty. Saving both space and money is definitely an advantage for some business owners. Replacing hardware with software is a move that will become mandatory in the future. Some businesses still rely on hardware, but systemutvikling is evolving at a fast pace and it should be offered more attention.

You can integrate software easier

Most cloud computing apps include an API. APIs, short from Application Programming Interfaces, make integration easier. When using hardware, you need to make sure that its characteristics fit your needs. Customized hardware costs a lot, while cloud technology applications are compatible with most business and don’t require personalized features. Considering the development of nettskyløsninger it is paramount to consider shifting towards cloud computing.  

You don’t need to worry about updates

Cloud applications are updated automatically whenever it is needed. This means that you don’t have to worry about updating the entire system and encountering issues while doing it. With hardware, upgrades involve making a new investment that not all small businesses can afford. Transitioning from a hardware-based business to an automated, cloud-based one is a choice that most entrepreneurs should consider.

1031 investments – an option you need to know about


A powerful tool for investors nowadays is the 1031 property exchange. Not only it lets you swaps properties without paying any income taxes, but also it lets you swap any type of properties. Because of these aspects and the liberty IRS offers DST since 2004, 1031 real estate investments have become the most popular type of business. However, some do not know many about 1031 real estate. For those, we are here to provide some pieces of information that might convince them to use them in the future.

Every investor can defer taxes for unlimited time

Even though this type of investments is not completely tax free, one can freeze the taxes usually required for unlimited periods of time, even forever. However, for this to happen, you need constant investment and property swaps. Therefore, consider a long-term collaboration with a professional agency in the field to help you in these matters. Their experience and knowledge in the field will certainly help you freeze your taxes forever, without any other implications.

The replacement properties can be numerous

However, in term of procedures, they must be clearly specified, with full address, in writing, in a legal manner. All the parties involved in the process must also be notified. You can do this step by yourself, if you are the seller. However, a good advice is to hire a company specialized in these matters and let them handle the process. A real estate agent, accountant or attorney work just as well.

The money shall never pass through your hands

Because it is an exchange, you, as a seller or exchange subject, cannot touch the money. The moment you do so, they will become a subject to income taxes. Intermediaries like the companies specialized in like-kind real estate investments are a good alternative for you to benefit from the 1031 tax law. Let them handle the papers as well as the cash and you will be sure you can avoid the income tax.

The options are endless

Like kind does not mean you have to swap an apartment building with another one. Not the purpose of the properties in the key factor here, but their value. You can swap a hotel with a farm, a factory with an apartment building, if they are evaluated at the same amount of money. Moreover, if you want to add something new to your business portfolio, you must know the fact that you can swap a bigger property with two or more smaller ones. It is completely up to you, because the 1031 law is quite permissive.

Whenever you feel like you need a fresh start, consider this type of investments. They are easy to make with a little help from professionals. No income tax will be applied, it is quite flexible and many have found this is a convenient and easy way to make business. Find the best agency to help you in this way and maybe you will have a long and beautiful collaboration.