Types of services that freight forwarding companies provide

For those who are not familiar with the term, freight forwarders deal with lowering transportation costs, as well as facilitating the logistics of transportation services. For small businesses who want to compete against other bigger companies in the shipping industry, it is highly recommended to join a freight forwarding network and work with some of the best freight carriers in order to benefit from the best results. Those who are wondering what type of services these forwarding companies provide should definitely read the rest of the article below.

They track inland transportation

One of the services that freight forwarders provide to their clients is to both arrange and keep track of all the shipments they handle. Whether it is about truck, rail or air shipments, the forwarders’ job is to offer their clients up to date information regarding the exact location of each of these shipments.

They prepare the necessary documents

Another important aspect that you can benefit from if working with a freight forwarder is that it is not your job to prepare export and shipping documentation anymore, because they will take care of everything for you. It is one of the areas where these forwarding companies do shine. Since they have to handle high volume of goods that are shipped all across the world, they have specialized knowledge regarding the necessary documents for each country where they operate.

They provide warehousing services

It is important to know that some freight forwarders run their own warehouses in some locations where they provide shipping services, which is definitely a great advantage for you and other small shipping business owners. On the other hand, there are other forwarders that find leasing space in some locations where they do not service a greater opportunity. All you have to do in this case is select the forwarder that best matches your needs and interests.

They negotiate freight charges

Another great benefit that comes with letting forwarding companies handle your business is that there are higher chances you benefit from lower costs this way. Since they have to deal with shipping high volume of goods, these forwarders know what steps to follow and how to negotiate freight charges in order to obtain the best price for both parties.

They offer freight consolidation

Among the numerous types of services that these forwarders can provide their clients with also lies freight consolidation. This means that professional forwarders who have vast knowledge and experience in the domain will do their best to turn several small shipments that contain goods and that come from several clients into a single, large shipment. Contrary to what most people would think about this matter, it is actually a cost-effective method that more and more forwarders have resorted to in the past years. After all, reducing transportation costs and benefitting from high quality services at the same time is probably the number one priority of all small shipping companies.

As it can be see, these are several types of services that any small business owner can find in freight forwarding companies.