Popular myths on the deep drawn manufacturing industry everyone should stop believing

In the past years, numerous companies from various industries have understood the great benefits that come with resorting to the services of a deep drawn manufacturing company, especially when producing high volumes of metal products. However, various myths have occurred over the years and without being an expert in this domain you can easily fall victim of these myths on deep drawn metal stampings, so here are the most popular ones debunked.

It is the most expensive method

One of the most common myths on deep drawn manufacturing is related to cost. Most business owners consider that this method is one of the most expensive ones available on the market, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Those who have already resorted to deep drawing services agree to the fact that it has saved them not only a great deal of money, but also a great deal of time, since they benefited from the deep drawn parts much quicker than in the case of other similar process. The higher the amount of parts produced, the lower the cost per unit, and this is definitely a great advantage.

Materials are weakened during the process

Another very common misconception many people have on the deep drawing manufacturing is that during the process the materials are stretched and damaged, which is false. In fact, the force exert on the material has the ability to increase overall strength and this process is called cold working. It is true that there are chances for some elongation to occur, but the stretching in the case of the base material is actually quite slight. In the end, the resulted part is much stronger than the original one.

Deep drawn stamping is only suitable for simple parts

One of the reasons why business owners do not resort to companies that provide deep drawn stamping services is that they have this misconception related to the fact that this process is suitable for simple parts only, which is again false. This process is actually capable of creating geometries that are extremely complex for instance. It is worth mentioning that multi-station stamping presses can even form axisymmetric metal parts that are not only light, but also seamless and strong.

High tech implies high cost

Last but not least, another very popular myth related to the deep drawn stamping process is that since it uses high tech it also requires for high costs. Truth is this is among the most robust and simplest processes that can be found on the market. If you combine high production time with low technical labor, you get a very easy and extremely profitable process.

It is true that there may be many other myths related to the deep drawn manufacturing process, but these are the most popular ones. In case you are interested in this type of services for your business, you should consider looking for a company that provides high quality services and that has several years of experience in the domain, since this way you can benefit from the desired results.