Guide to start your own restaurant


The restaurant industry is expected to grow in the following years with 60% of people worldwide eating out at least once a week. Even if the foodservice trends change periodically, it’s certain that people will continue to eat meals restaurants prepare. It’s the perfect time to start a restaurant, but it requires expert planning if you want to run a successful venture. Here are some tips that may help you.

What restaurant concept do you prefer?

When you start a business, it’s important to have a clear concept in mind. It helps you determine the style of the restaurant, the type of food you serve, and the atmosphere you should create. For example if you want to serve fish dishes, you need to find partners specialised on skinnemaskin and other similar services. By identifying your restaurant’s concept, you can create its personality and establish its mission.

The brand is the intangible force behind your business, and it can help you attract clients.

Decide what menu items you want to sell

Once you know what type of restaurant you want to start you should make a list with the basic food items you want to cook because they influence the type of equipment you purchase. You will probably need professional prosessutstyr and experienced staff, who know how to operate it. You need to have a solid idea of what menu you want to provide, to identify the suppliers you need to hire and to create the business plan.   

Find food suppliers and equipment

Before you open your restaurant, you need to find a reliable source of ingredients and equipment like kjøttlinjer because they establish and maintain your business’ success. It’s recommended to collaborate with a wholesale supplier because they provide better prices for the supplies you need to prepare the dishes. By associating your name with experienced brands you create the image of a reliable brand.

Choose a location

When you are looking for possible locations you should consider the following aspects.

  • Find an easy-to-access spot pedestrians and drivers will have no issue to notice. Open your restaurant in an area that gets plenty of passers-by. It would be great if the location comes with parking lots for your clients.
  • Check the demographics to find out if your possible clients are interested in the menu you plan to provide.
  • You’ll have to hire staff so you need to check if the labour costs are profitable. The location of the restaurant will establish the wage the staff expects to receive so make sure to have an idea about it.
  • Competition can help you market your business, but it’s wise to have a distance from your competitors to ensure a solid pool of clients.

You should first lease a space, and if your business turns profitable you can later buy the space. Leasing is more flexible and if you want to expand your restaurant or change its location, you’ll save money.

Opening a restaurant can be challenging but the industry continues to grow and there is always room for an extraordinary one.

Guide to design the perfect label


You may create a highly useful product for your clients, but you’ll find hard to enter the market if you don’t have a well-designed label. Attracting clients should be your priority, and the most effective way to attract them is to market the product effectively. An outstanding label will help your products stand out on the market and differentiate your products from your competitors. When looking for a product, buyers have to choose one from the ones lined up on the shopping shelf, and they will instantly pick the most attractive one.

Here is a guide on how to design a label that promotes your product.

Easy-to-read label

Product labels provide details like the name of the brand, the logo, the line of products the item is part of, and the units of quantity. Depending on the product, the label can also include other details. You can add a short description or tagline to provide more info. Make sure you are using a high-quality etiketteringsmaskiner to print the labels because it’s crucial the text to be eligible if you want to attract attention.

Focus on the white space

The white space is usually the one the designer didn’t use for text, images or other pieces of content. It doesn’t have to be white, it’s any shade used to create the background colour for the label. You should focus on the white space because you need to create a balance between different types of information. When you use a korkemaskiner to create a label for a product designed for babies, you should make sure you have this white space because it’s user friendly and it helps you communicate with a sense of simplicity. This is all your new-parents want.

Use illustrations

Some products are easier to sell if you use an illustration to share their particular elements. An image can help you speak about the product better than a text. By creating a beautiful illustration with the help of a fyllemaskiner you help the user understand how good the product is. For example, when selling fruit juice you should use illustrations and text to tell how good it tastes. A simple design would not attract people as effective as an intricate design.         

Be original

You try to sell a new product on a competitive market, so you should choose a unique, memorable, and original label. You may be tempted to use the labels your competitors has for similar products as inspiration, but you should put more effort and choose something that stands out. Do not use any element that can mislead the customers. You need to come up with a model of label that stands for the product, and not only makes it look good, but also promotes it effectively. Make sure that your labels include a barcode because it will help you deal with audits and legal check-ups.

And last but not least, make sure the label includes contact information in a way that encourages people to contact you.