Improve Workplace Environment and Boost Employee Productivity with These Simple Tips


Employees are sensitive to changes in the workplace environment. They can be influenced by it and become less productive, when the workplace is a negative one or, on the contrary, their productiveness can be increased. To make your employees happier and more motivated, follow the pieces of advice below.

Improve outdoor spaces

When they have the occasion to get outdoors and socialize with their colleagues, employees seem to have higher productivity levels. Time spent outdoors improves mood and regulates the level of alertness, generally. When exposed to natural light, people are more likely to be productive and have better problem-solving abilities.

To boost your employees’ productivity and keep them happy in the workplace, consider working closely with a landskapsarkitekt Oslo. They will help you redesign the outdoor space surrounding your office building in such a fashion to boost your employees’ mood and levels of satisfaction in the workplace. To make the theory work in practice as well, offer them hourly breaks when to get out of the building and enjoy some time outdoors.  

Offer them proper breakrooms and relaxation spaces

Outdoor spaces matter, this is why you must collaborate with a hagedesign professional. But so do the relaxation areas in the building. Ensure your employees have enough relaxation means on-premise. This will help them focus more when necessary and have a better mood in the workplace. For instance, a relaxation room with bean bags and a small tennis or foosball table will help them relax better during stressful days. When they return to working on their projects, they will feel more concentrated and ready to solve all the issues they encounter.

Improve the lighting

We suggested previously collaborating with a team of landskapsarkitekter Oslo to allow your employees to spend more time outdoors and enjoy natural light. But you can also improve indoor lighting and get the same results. Lighting has been proven to play a huge role in regulating the circadian rhythm. This means when proper lighting lacks, employees are more likely to feel tired and less productive. They are more likely to lose their concentration easier. If the natural lighting is shy inside the office building, try to find light bulbs that replicate it. You will have a more efficient and dedicated team.

Boost office comfort levels

Working in clean, attractive workplaces and offices can have tremendous effects on employee productivity. Let your employees choose if they want to sit or stand at their desks, let them choose if they want to use an exercise ball to sit, let them choose what type of monitors they use. All these will make your employees work harder and be more productive. Besides, you should also consider including some plants in your offices. Some have incredible air-filtering properties, and will help your employees have a clear mind for longer.

All these suggestions are due to make all your employees more productive, happier, and more motivated to put in more efforts into their work.