How to improve customer service in your hair salon


The competitiveness in the beauty industry is fierce because people put great emphasis on the physical appearance nowadays and set up regular appointments to spas and hair salons in order to receive validation and reassurance concerning their visual impact on others. Shortly, this gives them the necessary confidence when moving freely in the outside world and enjoying sincere compliments. Furthermore, some people feel just the way they look so for ensuring a great mood throughout the day, they want to make sure that when looking in the mirror, they feel content with the respective image. Consequently, hair salon owners must lift up to high standards and expectations for maintaining their position on the market. However, as an entrepreneur you obviously do not want to stagnate but to evolve meaning that you have to not only meet but also exceed those requirements by providing excellent customer service.

Attitude is everything

We all know that the best advertising is word of mouth so happy customers guarantee increased profits, which practically represents one of the main objectives of any business owner. Thus, how do you improve customer service in your hair salon? Well, you have many options in this regard but you can start by providing your customers a full experience when interacting with your staff. Positive attitude and good communication will establish beneficial relationships between your salon and the clients. As the owner, you also have to contribute to this process by showing honesty and straightforwardness to your customers. For instance, if someone comes to your salon expecting a drastic change, like going from dark hair to platinum blonde, you should inform them from the start regarding the cost and encourage having realistic expectations. In addition, communicate with the person in question about the products needed for the transformation and the duration of the beauty process. You have the power to upset a client within the first seconds of meeting them without even exchanging a word. This means that your attitude matters a lot during the first interaction with a potential customer so make sure that you and your staff display professionalism and friendliness.

Use salon software wisely

Apart from attitude and communication, you have to pay close attention to details if you wish to make a difference in terms of customer service. Use salon software and plan each appointment so that every person receives exceptional treatment. Time management is very important and you have to give value to your customers’ schedule. Do not rush your staff when working with a client because he will feel neglected and eliminate from his mind the possibility of coming back for another session. Moreover, you have to make sure that you never run out from products and supplies meaning that you have to track your inventory periodically and assess the situation. This should not represent a problem if you benefit from salon software. You can also use it to send your customers reminders concerning their appointments. This will help you keep in touch and nourish that positive relationship created at the beginning.