Effective and affordable marketing strategy ideas



After starting a business, managing to create awareness among potential clients is the next necessary steps to take. Considering how competitive the market already is, setting yourself apart and branding your business will not be such an easy and smooth process. This is why you will need to search for solutions, and that means implementing certain marketing strategies that will allow you to become more successful and popular. From using direct mail campaigns – you can check options from Tension Envelope for customized envelopes – to promotional videos, here are a few great ways of booting your business’s success:

Direct mail campaigns

What could be more affordable than sending potential clients certain offers or newsletters via direct mail. The budget for this type of marketing strategy does not require too exceed your financial possibilities, so it is certainly a good starting point. Moreover, if you research the topic with care, you will find out how many businesses have managed to create awareness and exceed competitors through this apparently simple method. However, in order for this option to actually bring you the desired results, you will need to pay attention to certain details, such as choosing the right customized envelopes, because otherwise, your commercial materials might end up not even being read by recipients.

Promotional video

Although not exactly as affordable as a direct marketing campaign, in terms of effectiveness, a promotional video can manage to meet your expectations. Because using the online environment to your advantage is a good idea, one way that has proven to be effective among businesses, regardless of profile, are videos, videos that engage the audience and present a service or a product in a smart and captivating manner. Look online for inspiration, and see how you can use this idea to your advantage.

Post your offers on a classified ads website

One last thing you can do, in order to boost your profits is posting your business’s offers on a classifieds platform. Nowadays, the majority of couple interested in a particular product or service will usually go to a platform of this kind to search for option. Although it might not be as effective as a direct mail campaign, it can provide you with satisfactory results, and the financial aspect involve will be a minimal one. However, make sure you search for a website that is known for having a high traffic on a daily basis, because there is a wide range of options you can select from.

As you can see, there are still ways in which you can make your business known among the targeted clientele without needing to exceed your budget. The ideas mentioned above are only a few of the many you can opt for, the direct mail campaign being probably the most popular one. If your business is relatively new on the market, and you desire to make it successful in the shortest time possible, resorting to the right marketing strategies will be necessary, so take these options into account and use the one that suits your needs best.

Car equipment all company vehicles need



Nowadays, vehicles incorporate more technology and equipment than they used to back in the days. And company owners seem to be thrilled about this, because it allows them to be more productive, work harder and better, even when they are on the run. Edmunds claims that used Jeep Grand Cherokee may be one of the few cars that incorporate all the equipment appropriate for a company vehicle. Below are some pieces of equipment that should be present on all company cars.

1. Keyless start and entry

It comes in handy because it allows the driver to start, lock and unlock the vehicle without a key. The driver will simply have to grab the car handle to unlock and lock it, press a button to start or turn down the engine. For many, this sounds useless, but you would be surprised by how much time and energy a business person will save by having such equipment on their company cars.

2. Bluetooth connection

This allows busy business owners make and receive calls without even touching their phones. And if we consider that phone calls and driving don’t mix well, as well as that business persons have to make or take calls regardless of the hour of day or night, this comes as a necessity for many.

3. Satellite navigation

This is a useful piece of equipment because as a business person, you surely have to travel a lot and in many cases, in areas with which you are unfamiliar with. But satellite navigation systems installed on your company car will help you reach your destination easier and in a straightforward fashion.

4. Cruise control

This smart device will set your company car at the speed at which you desire it to be. It comes in handy because when on the rush, it is easy to forget about speed limits. This device will protect your driver’s license and your reputation without too many efforts. Also, it monitors automatically de space between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road and adapts the speed to a safe one.

These are four pieces of equipment all business persons may find useful on their company cars. Also, a great company car itself will help them create a highly professional image of the company for which they work for. This is why cars matter so much in various business environments.   

Industrial Adhesive FAQ



When working with 3M preferred tape converters in the UK for the first time, it’s natural to have concerns and reservations. After all, if your business has traditionally been using standard mechanical fixings and more conventional joining methods, you may find it somewhat difficult to determine how and to what extent industrial adhesives could prove beneficial. Or for that matter, if they could prove beneficial at all.

Right now, an extraordinary number of businesses spanning a variety of industries are making the switch to industrial adhesives and never looking back.  Particularly for those involved in manufacturing a variety of products, switching to adhesives manufacturing techniques really can make an incredible difference.  Nevertheless, it can still be difficult to break old habits – especially if things seem to be working OK as they are.

The thing to remember is, however, ‘OK’ can always be improved.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of just a few commonly asked questions on industrial adhesives and their respective answers:

1. How Are Custom Adhesives Better?

First of all, custom adhesives are better than standard generic adhesives for the simple reason that they are manufactured for a specific purpose. Though it’s perfectly possible for generic adhesives to perform important roles and functions, the one thing all such products have in common is that they were built to satisfy a wide variety of purposes. By contrast, custom adhesives are built for exactly what it is you need them for and nothing else. For example, if you need to join two typically incompatible materials in rather harsh working conditions yet still produce a bond that is flawless in every way, it is unlikely you are going to be had to find a generic adhesive to get the job done. With custom adhesives, you take your requirements to the manufacturer and have the perfect product produced on your behalf.

2. Aren’t Industrial Adhesives Dangerous?

The health and safety issue is all relative, given the way in which it comes down to the way in which the products are handled and used.  Not only this, but given the fact that the properties of each and every custom adhesive are inherently unique, so too are the health and safety considerations. Just as some are industrial adhesives may be flammable, corrosive and generally quite dangerous, others are fundamentally safe to use. In any case, just as long as they are used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and with the necessary personal protective equipment, they do not need to constitute any kind of health and safety threat whatsoever.

3. Will Any Training Be Necessary?

One of the primary advantages of making the switch to industrial adhesives is the way in which they are uniquely simple to use. When compared to the use of mechanical fixing other joining methods like welding, a high quality custom adhesive really could not be simpler to work with.  Which in turn means that little to no training whatsoever will be required for those who will be handling and using the products on a daily basis. Not only does this mean that production processes can be accelerated significantly, but it may also be possible to bring labour costs under better control.

4. Are Industrial Adhesives Expensive?

Once again, costs are all relative as while custom industrial adhesives may be more expensive than generic products, what you get in terms of value for money is off the scale. Along with being able to produce whatever it is you make considerably faster, you can also expect better results, more consistent results and the more efficient production process in general. Not only this, but industrial adhesives on a per-join basis are inherently so much more cost effective than welding or using traditional mechanical fixings. Over time, you stand to make quite extraordinary savings.

5. Can I Try Before I Buy?

Last but not least, are just as long as you ensure you work with one of the best custom adhesive manufacturers in the UK, it should be no problem to request and receive samples or prototypes. Particularly if you then intend to go on to place a larger order, it is always in the best interests of the service provider to first provide you with some kind of sample to try out beforehand. This is also one of the most important marks of quality, when it comes to ascertaining which service providers you should and should not be working with. If samples are simply out of the question, you might want to think about taking your business elsewhere.