Promotional staff: a smart marketing move



It is no secret to anyone that the ways of the world have changed a great deal. Nowadays, people can make money simply sitting in front of their computers, making a few clicks here and there. That home of theirs can be on a beautiful beach in Hawaii or in a breath taking Swiss mountain resort. However, some things remained unchanged and that is advertising. Whether you are selling online or developing websites as a living, you need to sell your service or product. You need to be out there, focused on expanding your horizons and getting the attention of more and more customers. Clients are the secret to any successful, multi–million dollar business. But how do you find that audience? The answer may be simpler than you though even in this world of automated tools. If you are looking for the next smart move in marketing, then definitely hire promotional staff. To convince that this is the move for you, here are three aspects you might not have been aware about this service.

Give your business a face

You know what is ironic? Today, the world functions by means of technology, software, online ecommerce and so on. However, most success stories are founded on human interaction. Have you noticed how all big brands are connected with the a face? This is exactly what you need to do for your company. Give your company a fresh face they can relate to. You will notice the difference, especially when looking at profit.

Brand awareness necessity

It is crucial to go against competition, by all means necessary. You might be selling a product that other providers are having, but yours might have relevant interesting, valuable features. You cannot expect for clients to imagine this. You have to tell them. Your product needs to be properly introduced to clients and you are in charge of it. So, put together a proper presentation and the simplest way to do that is by bringing in the promotional staff. Can you imagine an army of beautiful girls, dressed in outfits branded with your company’s logo explaining the product to clients? It would be a success!

Bringing out the big guns

If you have been running a business of your own for some time, you should know by now that there is nothing that sells better that beauty. This is promotional staff. If your audience is made from men, then a promotional staff made up of a team of lovely, sociable, well dressed women that speak your language will do the trick. Connect your company’s image with that of a team of beautiful women you will enjoy the appreciation of your clients.

Promotional staff really brings a lot more advantages than you thought. It can lift your business in so many ways. Marketing means being creative, means thinking out of the box. Marketing is about using all tools and making sure that you can go against your competition and promote your products better, more successfully, reaching a greater audience.

Questions to ask before hiring a debt collection agency


Many companies deal with bad payers at some point and the worst thing managers of those companies can do is to wait for their customers to pay their debts by themselves. While some people feel guilty about not paying their debts in due time and do their best to pay them as soon as possible, others try to “forget” about their debts, in which case the best solution for those companies is to resort to the professional services of a debt collection London agency. Here are some of the most important questions you, as the manager of a company, should ask such an agency before hiring them.

 Do you own a certification?

It is essential to select a debt collection agency that is certified by a competent institution. You should know that in order to obtain that certification, the agency has to go through a stringent process and to meet several crucial requirements such as to have collected claims for a couple of years and to have a specific number of employees. Ask the agency to show you their certification before hiring them in order to ensure you are going to work with professionals.

Are you specialized in my industry?

Another important question you should ask a debt collection agency is related to the industry they are specialized in. In order to benefit from the best results, it is advisable to hire an agency that specializes in the same industry which you operate in as well, since this way you can be sure the agents will know how to handle different types of situation and will come up with the best solution for your company.

What debt collection strategies do you use?

The reputation of your company is an important element in the sustainability of your business, which means that you cannot afford applying high pressure over your customers or harassing them in any way to pay their debts. A professional debt collection agency will not use such methods, since they know these will only do more harm to both your existing and potential customers and your company. Make sure you discuss with the agency about this aspect before you hire them in order to have a clearer idea upon the tactics they use in the process.

All things considered, these are some of the most important questions you should ask an agency that provides debt collection services before you hire them.